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A&E Environmental was formed in 1993. In 1995 Clifford Hubbard joined A&E Environmental and within the year, he had purchased and incorporated the business. A&E Environmental, Inc. has been a family owned & operated business.

A&E Environmental provides asbestos abatement services, mold remediation, and mechanical insulation to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients as well as privately run schools and hospitals.

A&E Environmental, Inc. is dedicated to enriching air quality through the removal of particles and fibers that could be potentially harmful. By doing so, it’s our contribution to improving the environment for a healthier and safer tomorrow.

A&E Environmental, Inc. has dedicated itself to assisting you in conserving energy, reducing fuel consumption and lowering your heating costs by providing mechanical insulation services. This service involves the insulation of pipes, tanks, and boilers to contain and conserve energy. Reserving fuel consumption today enables us to enhance fuel consumption for the future.

In 2009, after fourteen years in the field, Clifford Hubbard retired. Although the news saddened many clients, his daughter Diane Hubbard took the reins and successfully filled her father’s shoes.

Diane continues to run the family business. She is dedicated to providing the same quality of service and traditions. “My main objective is to inform more of the population of what we do and why, and to expand the services we provide.”

A&E Environmental, Inc. is “Dedicated to Improving Air Quality and Reducing Fuel Consumption for a Healthier Tomorrow.”


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