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Asbestos Removal in Leominster, MA

At A&E Environmental Inc., estimators will come out to your site and perform a free estimate depending on the radius. We will determine the appropriate method of removal by strictly adhering to D.E.P., D.O.S., E.P.A., and O.S.H.A. guidelines.

From there, we will then notify all appropriate agencies. Please keep in mind that we need to notify D.E.P. ten days prior to the start date of any asbestos removal project. Our staff of highly trained and certified asbestos abatement supervisors will meet on site, review the project, and perform the abatement/removal.

Checking for Asbestos

Homes built before 1980 were commonly constructed with materials that include asbestos, especially floor tiles, ceiling, ceiling tiles, window glazing, and aluminum. Insulation, roof shingles, pipe cement, and joint compound all often contained this hazardous material, as well. A visual inspection for asbestos is typically not sufficient enough for detection. If you suspect your home has it, samples of the asbestos materials or building materials must be taken to a certified and licensed asbestos inspector for analysis. Please see our sister company A and E inspection detection, and they can assist you with this. They take the samples themselves and take it to an approved lab. They will take pictures and document, following certain guidelines, and send the samples to an independent lab certified for asbestos. There are two approved methods used to analyze the material: Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). For a comprehensive listing of approved labs, contact the National Institute of Standards and Technology or call 1-800-720-4981 for more information.

Reasons to Call a Professional

Since asbestos can be particularly hazardous when airborne, hiring a professional is necessary. Asbestos has two different forms: friable (easy to crumble) or bonded (needing excessive force to break). Simple hand pressure is enough to break friable forms. The use of hammers, saws, or other power tools to remove bonded asbestos is illegal, as all of these methods make asbestos airborne, causing a health hazard to everyone in the vicinity. Professionals will employ a systematic approach to remove and dispose of the material safely.

After Asbestos Removal

Unfortunately, there is no official amount of time that one must wait before returning home after asbestos removal. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests hiring an inspector to determine when it is safe. A second inspection after the removal phase can confirm the hazard has been completely discarded. This is recommended at your own discretion.

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