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Mold Removal Service in Leominster, MA

Mold can cause anything from structural damage in a building to respiratory problems in residents. To eliminate this hazardous microorganism, consider the information below.

When Mold Removal Is Necessary

A variety of signs can indicate that a building requires mold removal—most obviously, the appearance of visible mold. However, if an area of the home begins to discolor or develop a musty odor, these may be signs that mold is lurking beneath the surface. Similarly, if a building has been affected by a water event, such as a hurricane or flood, or if the residents have developed congestion, headaches, fatigue, or respiratory problems, mold may be the culprit.

Checking for Mold

At A&E Environmental Inc., our director of operations or owner will come out to the project site to evaluate the infected area and determine the type of mold and source. Unless the source of the mold is removed, your mold problem will likely reoccur. Once the evaluation is done, we will determine the best way to alleviate the source and remove the existing mold. All mold remediation and removal is performed by our certified mold technicians.

Mold Removal Process

Prior to removal, the air must be clear, and the mold must be tested. Independent third parties visually assess the area to make sure everything is working, and the air is clear. Once this is completed and confirmed by the third party, the process can begin.

Mold removal begins by isolating the affected area. Then, negative pressure is applied so the mold cannot escape. If the mold can be removed, it is first sprayed with Shockwave, an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, and cleaner designed specifically for mold remediation contractors. The affected materials are then cut out, placed in airtight bags, and removed to a licensed disposal facility. Customers can be home while the mold removal is being performed depending on where the mold is being removed.

If the mold issue extensively affects areas like the attic, beams, shockwave basement structures, or structural wood, we may use dry ice blasting to remove the mold.

In situations where the material cannot be removed, the mold is sprayed with Shockwave and scrubbed until removed. HEPA filtered vacuums are used to clean up all materials, and the affected area is then scrubbed with a second Shockwave application. Finally, the area is treated with AfterShock, an antimicrobial agent that prevents future mold growth.

Preventing Mold Growth

While mold removal is effective, it’s better to avoid the problem beforehand. Regularly cleaning the home and repairing leaks are easy steps to ward off mold. If any areas of the home are susceptible to moisture, use area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting. Also, avoid storing paper, books, or clothes in these damp areas.

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